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Illusions of Sleepy Hollow Swiveling Pin

Illusions of Sleepy Hollow — a spectacle to behold & creation from Lively Ghosts & The Pickety Witch. This swiveling pin is an homage to the beloved Sleepy Hollow. As Ichabod says, “it is truth, but truth is not always appearance”.

This 2.5” pin features a swiveling center with intricate artwork on either side of both a cardinal & its ornate cage—much like the thaumatrope Ichabod presents to Katrina Von Tassel in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. Branching from the thaumatrope design are Katrina’s sleeved hands, adorned with symbols from her Evil Eye drawing in the film.

Whilst these optics are no magic, as Ichabod says, perhaps they may protect you from The Headless Horseman, or aid you in your anatomical studies.


Made in collaboration with The Pickety Witch.


Style: Cut-out hard enamel pins, featuring a swiveling pin in the center.

Size: 2.5" wide

Metal: Silver Nickel