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Red Death Temporary Tattoo

The external world could take care of itself. Beware the Red Death.

'The Red Death' is a part of the  'Creatures' Series.


- Temporary, waterproof tattoo.

- Size: 2.5"

- Color: Black Ink

- Lasts 5-7 days on skin.

- Non-toxin & eco friendly.

How to apply?
1. Clean your skin thoroughly.
2. Peel off the clear film carefully.
3. Place the tattoo face down on your skin.
4. Apply a wet cloth gently over the back side of the tattoo and hold in place for 15-30 seconds.
5. Slowly remove the backing paper, and allow the tattoo to dry.
6. If treated carefully, the tattoo can last for 5-7 days.

How to remove?
1. Rub the tattoo with makeup remover, baby oil or alcohol.
2. Peel off.