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Lively Ghosts ® | Lindsay Kaye


Lively Ghosts was founded by creator Lindsay Kaye in October of 2017. The first product she created for the store was 'Coffin Pin Boards', which remains amongst the bestselling items in the shop today. Jump to modern day, and Lindsay has expanded the brand immensely - creating hundreds of trinkets reflecting the dark and macabre, including enamel pins, art prints, tea spoons, candles, tea, perfumes, and more. 




About the Artist/Creator:

Lindsay Kaye is the founder of Lively Ghosts, as well as the artist & creator behind all of the artwork on the Lively Ghosts platform. Having graduated college with a double-major in Business Administration & Business Marketing with a minor in Advertising and Computer Information Systems, Lindsay first worked in the film industry before putting her expertise into creating a business of her own. Lindsay worked in the marketing departments for various companies, including Hulu, CBS, Disney, Lionsgate, Netflix, Amazon Studios, Dreamworks, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and more. These years in film helped her appreciate pop culture more than she could have ever imagined, and this admiration can still be seen in her creative work within her numerous pop culture homage pieces. The film industry, partnered with her own hobby of film and digital photography, also taught her to have an eye for aesthetic -- something that can be seen in her photography style (featured in all of the product pages & the Lively Ghosts social media pages) for Lively Ghosts.



In 2017 Lindsay created 'Lively Ghosts'. The brand intertwines both Victorian-era aesthetic with modern day pop culture, two things Lindsay has a deep passion for. From drawing to crafting, Lindsay is behind every creation within the Lively Ghosts brand. She thrives on the feeling of creating something that has never been done before (ie: Pumpkin Cutout Tea Spoons or Candy Corn Collars). She invests countless hours of research into her work and designs with vigor. Her creative mind and passion for her work fuels her every move, and she's always working on the next big thing for Lively Ghosts -- a thrill for the chase that never tires her.


Lindsay currently resides in Los Angeles, though travels often both near and far. She keeps her personal life private and prefers to remain a creature of the shadows, but nothing summons her out of the shadows more than talking about the work she's created for Lively Ghosts. You can find some of those interviews, here ↓





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