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Sparky Tea Blend

Like a flashing bolt of lightning, the Sparky blend brings a burst of color to an otherwise greyscale and average cup of tea. Intertwining creamy matcha green tea with an electrifying kick of cayenne pepper, this animated & sprightly concoction is the perfect spark to your taste buds.


Inspired by the Tim Burton film: Frankenweenie


A collaboration between Lively Ghosts & Petals And Poison.

Blend mixed by Petals & Poison, and made in small batches to ensure freshness.


Size: 2 oz tin, serves roughly 10-15 cups of matcha green tea.


Ingredients: Matcha Green Tea with a touch of Cayenne



1. Fill your pan or cup with 1 cup milk of choice (Oat or Macadamia are wonderful choices!)

2. Add 1 tsp of Sparky Blend

3. Bring milk to a slow boil in pan or microwave your microwave safe cup 30 seconds at a time (1 min 1.5 mins total).

4. Let tea steep for 3-5 mins.

5. Use a fine mesh strainer to strain your tea into your teacup or mug.

6. Add more milk/sweetener to your desired taste. 


 Full ingredients list:

100% pure matcha powder, cayenne pepper