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Golden Ticket Hot Chocolate Blend

Come and see a world of pure imagination with this scrumdidilyumptious concoction. Handcrafted by Oompa Loompas, this chocolate medley combines hot chocolate & white chocolate, whilst lined with a rich lavender powder to emulate Mr. Wonka’s quintessential purple attire. Finished with ‘golden ticket’ edible gold leaf & candy sprinkles.


Inspired by the Tim Burton film: Willy Wonka


A collaboration between Lively Ghosts & Petals And Poison.

Blend mixed by Petals & Poison, and made in small batches to ensure freshness.


Size: 4 oz tin, serves roughly 12-15 cups of hot chocolate.


Ingredients: Hot Chocolate, White Chocolate, Lavender Powder, Sprinkles, Edible Gold

Can be used as a flavor powder to enhance other drinks, like coffee & tea.



Use one tsp of powder per cup, Add hot milk, hot tea, or hot coffee and mix until dissolved. Stir and serve immediately. Add more powder for a more saturated flavor. 


Full ingredients list:

Mixture: Sugar, non dairy creamer (glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, silicon dioxide, mono and diglyceride of fatty acid.), black tea powder, lavender flavor, creamer (coconut oil, maltodextrin, sodium citrate, soy lecithin), natural flavor, cocoa=processed with alkali, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla.

Sprinkles: Sugar, corn starch, hydrogenated palm oil, dextrin, shellac, carnauba wax, soy lecithin, cochineal extract, caramel, hydroxypropyl distract phosphate, water, gum arabic, xanthan gum, artificial flavor, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, glucose powder, artificial colors.

+ Edible Golf Leaf