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The Heartbreaker Collar Collection

The Heartbreaker Collar Collection

Collaboration with The Pretty Cult

This trio set of detachable collars are an accessory to accompany all badass looks. Adjustable, to be tied to fit you best, with a black satin ribbon closure. 


The Heartbreaker Collar Collection Includes:

  • Bad Reputation Collar
  • Ultra Violence Collar
  • House of Metal Collar

Price: $69 | Value: $84


Design & Material: 

Bad Reputation Collar: Black Velvet Collar with three-tiered hanging chain.

Ultra Violence Collar: Matte black mercerized cotton collar featuring a silver screenprinted sword on the front, matte black collar featuring a silver screenprinted scythe on the back.

House of Metal Collar: Matte black mercerized metal collar lined with zipper teeth edges.



Ribbon: Black Satin

Treatment: Machine washable, but it is recommended to hand wash to keep color and fabric at full vibrancy.

Sizing: Neck size: 35cm. Collar is slightly adjustable with the ribbon closure. Please keep this sizing in mind when purchasing your collar. Neck size varies for each person - these collars have been worn by models ranging from XS - XL.

Refunds: If your collar does not fit, you may return it for a full refund (in the form of shop credit) of the item. Buyer must pay for return shipping, and item must be returned in its original condition within 30 days of purchase to qualify for a full refund.