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Graveyard Pins


New…kind of. Introducing ‘Graveyard Pins’: designs I’ve made that never saw the light of day (until now). Over the past few years, I’ve made countless designs that just didn’t seem good enough (to me) to release to you all. Many of my ‘dead’ designs are just drawings/doodles, but a select few were made into pins that were never released…or revamped and then unleashed.

Physically, they’re flawless pins, and even ‘exclusive’ if you will—since they were the beta testers. Below reads why these were beta tests/never saw the light of day.


Krueger Pantone

(The intricacy in the sweater design gets overlooked and doesn't pop the way I wanted it to.)


May Your Mercury Be More Freddie & Less Retrograde: Midnight Variant

(The colors here get lost in each other. I ended up revamping this design with brighter & more contrasting colors, so this 'midnight' variant never saw the light of day. Find the revamped colors under the listing titled 'Mercury Retrograde Pin'.)



Required Reading: Glossy

(This one originally was just crafted in a way I didn't feel captured the detailing very well. It was 'printed' and then coated with gloss, which makes it a tad tricky to see the details under all lighting, as well seemed of less quality. It was later redesigned with a more matte finish and very complex printing process, making for the high quality pin that's on the site today. Personally, the matte one is one of my favorite pins on the site because of the quality in the detailing and printing -- find it under the name 'Required Reading Pin'.)