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Waltz of the Sugar Cookies Candle

Waltz of the Sugar Cookies is reminiscent of holiday baking and sugar-spiced cheer. Evokes the warmth of the season, topped with buttercream frosting. The candles are topped with seasonal glitter and white pearl sprinkles.


A collaboration between Lively Ghosts & Little Ghouls.



6oz hand-poured soy candle.

Scent blend: Frosted christmas cookies, dancing desserts, sprinkles & icing, nostalgia.

Topped With: Seasonal glitter and white pearl sprinkles. Please note that the tops of each candle is hand-decoratedand will vary slightly.


All candles burn between 25-30 hours. For highest performance and cleanest burn, keep wick trimmed to 1/8th of an inch. If wick is ever "drowning" in wax, use a paper towel to clean away the excess wax.